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Happy Thanksgiving! What makes us Grateful?

grate·ful: adj \ˈgrāt-fəl\

1a : appreciative of benefits received

b: expressing gratitude <grateful thanks>

2a: affording pleasure or contentment :pleasing

b: pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated

Kicking off the holiday season is the food-fanatic’s favorite: Thanksgiving. In the hectic preparation of the Thursday feast and family festivities, our team took a moment to discuss what it means to be grateful. You can look it up in a dictionary to get the definition, but it’s what you feel in your heart that will define it most. In the spirit of sharing, we wanted all of you to know some of the things our team members at Restorative Physical Therapy in Chesapeake, VA are grateful for this season.

  1. Seeing the celebratory dances patients perform when they’re weaning off an assistive device

  2. Having our patients share their love for our company to their friends and family

  3. Hearing a patient who has had years of chronic pain get some relief after a treatment

  4. Observing our front-desk staff turning a patient’s somber mood into an optimistic one

  5. Having former patients stop in to offer a quick hello

  6. Meeting amazing people

  7. Experiencing patients’ reactions when they achieve a full revolution on an exercise bike after getting a total knee replacement

  8. Watching high-fives happen between patients who don’t know each other

  9. Hearing laughter in our treatment area

  10. Getting chills when patients offer you heartfelt thanks

As we think about Thanksgiving as a company, we recognized that our clients, patients and friends are very much a part of that family. Without you we would not be able to be grateful for a patient after they take their first run after knee surgery, or lift their arm higher after recovering from ACL surgery, or feel a bit of relief after living for years with chronic pain. You inspire us to not only work harder to find the best holistic treatments available, but you inspire us to come to work each day to help others on their health journeys. After all, "the greatest wealth is health."

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving? Which holiday traditions matter most to those near and dear to you? Share your stories in the comment section below. Happy Thanksgiving!


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