How long can I expect my first appointment be?

Your first appointment (your Initial Examination) will be at least an hour long. Sometimes your appointment can be a bit longer with paperwork, to save time you can fill out the forms for your first appointment here. 

What should I wear to Physical Therapy?

We recommend that your wear something that you are comfortable in. We don't have any specific requirements, so whether you are coming from work, the gym, or your couch, whatever you are comfortable in will be fine with us! 

What I expect from my Initial Evaluation? 

For your first visit you will meet one on one with the Physical Therapist and talk about your pain/issue. You will also discuss a plan for your path to restoration with the Therapist. The therapist will also do a full evaluation of your body using IMT. To learn more about an Initial Examination you can read our Blog post about it here.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your script from your doctor, your license and insurance cards. Also, please bring any past medical records (such as a past MRI or Xray).

Will I be breaking a sweat with exercises? 

Not likely. We do have every patient do yoga-based exercises to facilitate your healing and restoration, but you most likely will not break a sweat with anything we have you do. 

Any other questions? 

No question is ever dumb in our eyes.... feel free to email us anything else you may have concerns about here. 

Physical Therapy in Chesapeake Virginia