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Managing the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition , leaving those who suffer from it struggling with muscle, tendon and ligament pain, as well as fatigue and tenderness throughout the body, where even gentle pressure triggers discomfort. Fortunately, physical therapy exercises combined with integrative manual therapy can help manage the pain of this debilitating condition.

Many long-term fibromyalgia patients have tried to go the "physical therapy" route for pain management and have often felt discouraged due to the lack of actual manual therapy. Restorative Physical Therapy is different in that the basis of our practice is a hands on approach through integrative manual therapy. Many of our patients suffering from fibromyalgia pain have felt relief through our treatment. Part of the role of physical therapy is not only to help you cope with fibromyalgia but also to empower you to take an active part in your treatment. Even though you may take medication to alleviate pain, we focus on a whole-body solution by supporting you in the three Rs of pain management.

  • Reduce daily pain and stiffness

  • Relieve deep muscle pain

  • Restore range of motion, flexibility and strength

Another important benefit of physical therapy is access to a broad range of safe, effective resources. Your treatment may include muscle energy techniques, low-impact therapeutic exercise, Myofascial Release and our therapists will even guide you through exercises you can perform at home.

At Restorative Physical Therapy in Chesapeake, VA we can offer you a number of different approaches through a custom fibromyalgia-specific treatment program that suits your unique lifestyle and needs. We will also monitor your progress and provide practical advice as needed to keep you on track with your fibromyalgia management. If any changes to your condition occur, we can fine-tune your program to ensure that it complements any medications you may be taking. A successful program will equip you with the tools to experience an independent and healthy life as free of pain as possible.


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