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Gift Yourself Good Health this Season

The Holiday Season is in full swing, and we hope you are enjoying time spent celebrating with family and friends. Most likely, you already have your gifts purchased, wrapped with a bow, and under the tree. But what about a gift for yourself?

It may seem counter to the spirit of the season, but including yourself on your holiday gift list is a tradition you need to start.

We're not talking about buying yourself a trinket or a new handbag. What we are talking about is the Gift of Good Health. If you don’t feel good, are tired, have pain, or just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired, it’s the ideal time for you to consider making an wellness appointment with Restorative Physical Therapy.

Our wellness sessions give you the hands-on treatment with our Therapists in a one-on-one session without a prescription. It's a great option for former patients, new patients that want to know what this IMT business is all about, or simply people who just want to feel better. The wellness sessions are scheduled based on how much time you'd like with the Therapist. Our times range from 30 minutes to a full hour and are priced based on that time. You wont do any exercises during these visits, just simply the integrative manual therapy work.

The holiday hustle and bustle can leave you feeling anything but merry. By discovering what is going on in your body to our IMT practices, we can find simple solutions to help you feel better, look better, and take on 2019 like a boss. Book a wellness session in the month of January and receive $20 off by mentioning this blog post!

Take the first step to feeling amazing. Give us a call at 757-842-6562 or email us at for an appointment.



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