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"Peeing your pants" is NOT normal

Have you been told that “peeing your pants” is normal for “your age”? This is a lie that you should never believe. Whether you’ve given birth vaginally, c-section or not even at all, urinary incontinence is never normal and there are plenty of things that can be done.

Many factors can play into urinary incontinence including: stress, diastasis recti, dehydration, drinking too much in a short period of time, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic floor tightness/spasms, history of abdominal surgeries (i.e. c-section, hysterectomy), and chronic constipation.

At Restorative Physical Therapy, we can help you! We take a “whole body approach” when assessing and treating our patients because we KNOW that problems are never isolated to one body system/body part. Call us today to schedule your pelvic PT evaluation!


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