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Meet Navneet Bhangra, PT

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

You may be seeing a new face at Restorative, as we welcome our newest PT, Navneet Bhangra. She has years of experience, which has also led her to practice Physical Therapy all over the world. Aside from her bubbly personality, we are overjoyed with what she will bring to our clinic and patients.

Navneet received her Bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2009 from St. Georges Hospital Medical School in London, UK. Upon graduation, she began her career working as a Physical Therapist in the UK before moving and practicing in Dubai.

"Nav" specializes in sports related injuries, Dry Needling, Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT), soft tissue release, Cognitive Functional Therapy, pelvic floor therapy, post-operative orthopedics and chronic/acute pain.

Like our other therapists, she takes a holistic and evidence-based approach, as she believes this is integral for the patient’s recovery. She will be completing her certification for Dry Needling at the end of the year in order to practice it in Virginia.

Navneet is from a town called Reading, Berkshire in the UK. In 2018, she moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, after meeting her now husband, Kyle in Dubai. They have 2 huskies named Kane and Echo. She enjoys exercise, yoga, fishing, and cooking!


Lets get to know Nav a little better, shall we?

1. Before your career in PT, what was your first job?

  • My first job was a part time bar waitress in Oceana, Kingston UK whilst i was trying to get through university 

2. Have you ever met anyone famous? When and Where?

  • I have met Mario, the R'n'B singer and Akon in 2007/2008. They performed on separate occasions whilst I was working in my first job.

  • Sean Paul in 2011 if i remember correctly at the same venue!

3. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

  • I would learn to make pasta from scratch. I love cooking and this would be cool to learn!

4. Seen any good movies lately you’d recommend?

  • Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw was pretty funny. The Irishman and although its old I recently watched Lawless with Tom Hardy, both were also good movies. 

5. If you had to eat something every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • Thai Food. 

6. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

  • From my wonderful father. 'If you don't value your time, time will not value you, time waits for no-one.' Over the years I have learnt to be more productive with my time for my own career growth and personal well being, and i have been lucky and grateful to have achieved a lot!



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