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It's all about LOVE!

Hello Friends, The upcoming Holiday may be one you anticipate or dread. But hey, everyone loves to feel LOVED. So why not make this month more than Valentine’s Day and more about feeling the LOVE all month long! Love is truly what drives us. It gives us purpose, meaning, volume. It gives us substance, passion, and LIFE…what a great thing! The potential health benefits of giving and receiving love are also immense including increasing life span, improving heart health, reducing pain, improving mental health, boosting immune system, and more! Here are 3 TIPS to help you make this a great LOVE month and re-find the POWER of LOVE… Tip #1- HUGS AND KISSES!

Don’t be shy! Try hugging at least 3 people daily…or if you’re lucky, kissing a special someone. No matter if it feels easy or awkward (ahem, looking at you Ashley!), you will be surprised how good it feels and how most people will reciprocate it. We as humans love to be touched. It is what makes us feel human and feel important, so make someone feel important today! TIP #2- “I LOVE YOU.”

Three short words, yet it is so hard for many of us to say. But I am daring you to say it daily. Our culture breads fast pace, get it done, be the best, but suffocates the very thing we all need…conversations and WORDS that develop our spirit, soul, and really who we are. Slow yourself down from the “rat race” of life and start with “I love you.” You will be surprised the conversations and behaviors that can come from such simple words but they are the BEST OF WORDS. TIP #3- YOU COUNT!

We often think that if we spend too much time on ourselves it is selfish. NO WAY! When you take time to take care of YOU, you ultimately are better with THEM. In this world of billions of people YOU ARE SPECIAL. Do something that makes you feel special at least 1x/week this month. I have been known myself to dance with my dog…I may look pretty weird but it is oh, so much fun! Okay….BONUS TIP #4

Of course, don’t forget the CHOCOLATE. Just remember stay dark! Dark chocolate is lower calories and also has added health benefits of anti-oxidants…but moderation ladies and gents! I hope this month makes you feel LOVED and that it will also keep you on pace to feel the love all year long.



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