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Is your liver the REAL problem?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

I could talk to you about the liver for hours! The liver plays a huge role in our body and is often overlooked. The main functions of the liver include: synthesis/secretion of bile, balancing hormone levels, detoxification, metabolism, heat production, and synthesis/storage of nutrients. The entire GI tract drains to the liver via the Portal Vein! The liver has huge responsibilities and is often overburdened, not just by lifestyle but environmental toxins and emotions as well. The liver is highly affected by emotions and this can affect how well the liver is functioning.

Just like a stiff joint, our organs can also become restricted. Imagine someone with a "frozen shoulder". The mobility in the shoulder is so limited, they are unable to adequately complete simple tasks, such as reaching into a cabinet to grab a snack. Now imagine the same limitation in your organs, function will certainly be affected!

Organs can become restricted for many reasons. Some common causes of restrictions include: current infections, old infections, food allergy/intolerance, repressed emotions, physical & emotional traumas, and more.

The liver can refer pain to many areas of the body. Are you at the end of your rope because physical therapy hasn't helped with your shoulder pain? It's possible that your shoulder problem is a result of mobility loss in your liver! Other common liver pain referral patterns are as follows: neck, right scapula (shoulder blade), right shoulder, mid-back, low back, sciatica, headaches, and sinus problems.

At Restorative Physical Therapy, we can help assess where your limitations are in the visceral system and use techniques called Visceral Manipulation to help guide you back to health.


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