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Integrative Manual Therapy


Practitioners of IMT assess and treat by using their hands.  The integrative assessment and treatment addresses all body systems. The intervention generally involves gentle manipulation and/or mobilizations to promote tissue healing.


IMT is based on the premise that the body has the ability to self-heal under right circumstances. 


Recognizing that all systems in the human body are inter-connected and influence each other, we implement a “whole body” approach to each evaluation and treatment.  


Integrative diagnostics discover what systems are involved. The practitioner applies gentle pressure with his/her hands.  By doing so the therapist can “feel” and “listen” for impairment or restrictions and determine which structures are contributing to pain and dysfunction. This listening extends from superficial tissue such as muscles, joints and bones to deeper tissue such as lymph, arteries, veins and nerves.


Based on the diagnostic results, the practitioner will recommend a comprehensive treatment plan to correct tissue dysfunction and restore balance and symmetry to the body.  Treatment is similar to diagnostics in that the practitioner uses his/her hands to manipulate dysfunctional tissue.  There are literally hundreds of treatment techniques with the IMT practitioner implementing the most effective ones for each client.




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