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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports injuries are very common, especially as more people are

seeking healthier lifestyles and communities are working together

to encourage children to participate in sports. Many sports related

injuries can be treated at home whereas some require hospitalization

and surgery.


Physical therapy is necessary for a full recovery after a sports-related

injury. Often injured body parts must be immobilized or rested while

they heal. During the healing process, those muscles and joints

become deconditioned. As part of rehabilitation process, you need

to exercise the injured area to build up strength and regain normal

function. Physical therapy teaches you how to do this safely so you

regain mobility efficiently and avoid further injury.

When your body is used to the rigors of athletic activities, basic rehab is usually not sufficient. You need an experienced Sports Physical Therapist to get you back into prime condition to return to the sport that you love the most. Basic physical therapy addresses the return to activities of daily living and Sports Physical Therapy targets the specific requirements of your sport. Every sport requires different movements, mechanics and exerts different forces on your body. A weightlifter needs more focus on strength and conditioning; a runner will benefit more from a gait analysis and a series of movement patterning exercises to incorporate within their running training to improve the quality of movement. 

At Restorative Physical Therapy we assess how your body moves, help you correct pre-existing physiological imbalances or potentially damaging patterns of motion that put you at risk for further injury, and tailor your exercises to address the specific needs within your sport. This allows your body to prepare to perform under those physical loads and stresses again. At Restorative we can perform gait and bike assessments, strength and conditioning assessments as well as other exercises that you are keen to return to – they include but are not limited to:  CrossFit, Ju-jitsu, field hockey, baseball and gymnastics. With proper Sports Physical Therapy, athletes of all skill levels can return to their sport better than ever.

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