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In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

I think these cold temps (and global pandemic) has made all of us appreciate a little more the sun on our face.

Just because you have to stay-at-home, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, while also taking steps to be healthy as well! Here are 3 TIPS to make the spring cleaning, tulip blooming, and yard work renovating season your best yet.

1. Say NO to Allergens! Eat healthier, Breathe Healthier!

Making wiser choices about our diet keeps the gut healthy and not only diminishes symptoms of nutritionally deprived food or food allergens but environmental allergens too. The response of the body to any toxin or allergen (ie. GMOs, steroids, pollen, ragweed) is the same. You control one factor, food choices, you influence it’s reaction to everything else it takes in the body. Better food choices = decrease negative reaction to food and environmental allergens. How cool is that?!

2. THE MAGIC BULLET to spring cleaning and yard work!

Less is sometimes more…

Although we are all eager to beautify the inside and outside of our house, we often do too much, too fast and end-up in our office! You may think my answer is to give you 10 “pre-game” stretches and although they would be beneficial, there is a “magic bullet” activity that can save you.

Remember when your mom told you to “stand-up straight and suck in your belly?” Well guess what? Your mom was right. Pulling in your abdominals and drawing in your ribcage optimizes bio-mechanical alignment of the spine and ultimately protects the back and shoulders when performing heavy lifting or repeated motions such as raking. You’ll find yourself icing less by the end of the day! But don’t forget getting regular body work done (ie. Integrative Manual therapy)

3. Don’t Forget To Play! Dump the cabin-fever and play outside with your kids!

It’s easy to come home from work and plop yourself in front of the T.V. but resist the urge! Tag, dodgeball, bike ride, parks and more are all options to get you moving and enjoying the outdoors. Your kids will remember when you play with them (believe me, I do) and being active gives so many health benefits…and let’s me honest…we all want to be kids again anyway.


I encourage all of you to find some family that maybe doesn’t have the funds or physical capabilities to do the “spring cleaning.” Whether it be to help your neighbor or take part in Habitat for Humanity, you do a great service…AND you feel great, you meet great people and your kids learn the value of giving and serving.


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