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Happy Spring!

Spring is finally here! And yes, a long time coming. As we shed the cold & shivers (hopefully!) and bring in the green lawns & fresh flowers, we are here to give you 3 tips to make spring even better…

1.SPRING CLEAN THOSE ALLERGENS!- Great idea to open up those windows but may be a nightmare for those with pollen allergies. Environmental and food allergies feed off each other. Take out the foods you may be sensitive to and you will notice less symptoms with those seasonal allergies!

2. EASTER AND EGGS!- Eggs are a popular feast this time of year. Don’t believe the myth! Eggs have a significant amount of nutrition that aids in many body systems’ function…yolk and all! Must read…”The Cholesterol Myth.” So enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt and the EGG.

3. YARD WORK AND BODY WORK!- There is nothing like sitting on your back porch and enjoying the fruits of your hard labor but yard work can be very hard on the body. Preventative body work such as IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) can address body/spinal alignment, muscle flexibility & strength and body balance…ALL of which can prevent back aches after the grueling work. Come in for your IMT Wellness session today and make yard work about the drink on the “back” porch not about “back” pain.


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